Soundscapes Mixer is an application for mixing soundscapes.
It is done using Processing and the minim library.

The idea behind this project is building and interface for mixing soundscapes. The interface is divided in 3 parts. The part on the left is a space where we can select the soundscapes. The one in the middle is called the silence spot, and is used for pre-loading the mp3 files and mute the sounds. The last part, witch is located on the right, is called the sequencer space and is where we play with the soundscapes, changing their pan and volume.

The data is taken from the database, and can be seen here:

So all the soundscapes are loaded from the internet and are directly played from the web server. Moreover, all the information that is displayed on the info-window for each sound, is also loaded from the database located on internet.

You can download the code here, and see the project development on the escoitar trac site. I used code from the book Visualizing Data by Ben Fry.

The soundscapes-balls that are shown on the left, they have geographical coordinates that correspond to the locations of the sounds on the google map API used by, as you can see on the picture bellow.