Manipulating pixels 2

This is the second part of the article Manipulating pixels. I just divided the previous article into two becuase it was too long. So this is just a continuation of it.
These exercises are taken from the course taught by Zach Lieberman at Parson”s School of design.
The course is called Magic++. You can find more information about these exercise in the blog.

The next exercise is about adding filters to the an image, folowing the processing kernel algoritms that can be seen here: kotowski/Grafika/Images/Index.html


Bluring and difference
This is an exercise that consist in bluring a lot an image and then comparing it to the original in order to find the difference on each pixel. Then threshold is used for segment text. That”s a good technique for separating areas of interest.


Drawing tool and filters
This is a drawing tool that plays with the pixels, and blur an image with the mouse interaction.


Edge detection
This is an exercise about edge detection. More information about this technique can be found in this link: kotowski/Grafika/Images/Index.html