Communicating OpenFrameworks and Puredata

These days I”ve been learning more about the openframeworks addons, and getting more familiar with the way it works. I tryed several addons and I decided to do an exercise communicating OpenFrameworks with puredata using the OSC addon (OFXOSC): it will be useful for doing sound projects on the future, so I decided to give it a try.

Because OpenFrameworks is kind of a new library, sometimes it is difficult to find information, documentation or examples done by people. That is why I tryed to do a puredata patch that followed one of the examples that come with the openframeworks documentation. So I finally worked with the oscSenderExample that is comming with the x-code FAT pre release v0.05 version of OpenFrameworks and I did a puredata patch to communicate with this example.

Here is the pureda patch:

If you are interested, you can follow the modification of this and other files in the trac that my friend Horacio and I set up for developing several projects.

He is also learning openframeworks, so he will also modify theses files. If you want to improve the little examples or more other projects that will come and that we are going to put in the trac, or if you have other examples that you want to share with us, send me an email to berio[at]alg-a[dot]org, and I will create an svn account for you.

I have created and account at github. So you can ckeck and modify the code there:

Learning how to connect openframeworks and puredata from berio on Vimeo.