A collaborative development…

A friend of mine Horaciogd and I jsut installed a Trac system in one of our servers in order to make public and collaborative the projects that I am going to develop to the CGD thesis and the projects that he is going to develop by his own, and with other people.

Trac: trac.escoitar.org

We decided to install trac, because Horacio is going to help me with the code of the thesis and I am going to help him with other projects, (also, we have been working together in several projects). Moreover, we want to leave these projects open just in case that somebody would be intereted on being part of them. With this Trac system it is easy to do collaborative works from the distance, and that is the reason that we set it up.

So far we have uploaded an interactive map that works like a soundscapes mixer, an interactive project that uses a map for doing soundwalks (as part of an interactive installation), and the design files of the webpage escoitar.org.
We will be uploading the thesis files and also more projects that will come.

If you want to be part of the development of any of theses projects (something that we will apreciate so much), doing modifications of the files and getting in contact with us, just write me an email to berio[at]alg-a.org, and we will set an user account up for you.