Augmented Sound en Fonfría, Lugo. Instalación interactiva

Augmented Sound

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Augmented sound is a project that expands sound objects.
The basic idea is adding one more layer to the sound reality of an object.

Actually, this project is the result of my thesis for the Computer Graphic Design Master at RIT, which had the following definition:
A portable computer vision system based on video projection, which allows interaction between the projection itself, the physical space where it is projected and the user.

The aplication was build using Openframeworks and Supercollider. It can be adapted to any space or object. Here you can see some examples using different spaces:

A bathroom”s wall:

A blind:

Augmenting sound. Space 2 Blind. Video 2 from berio on Vimeo.

For setting up the interactive are, first it is needed to draw the areas using a laser, like it is showed in this video:

Augmenting sound. Setting Up Areas. from berio on Vimeo.

This idea comes from a combination of three works that I really like:

1. Artificial Dummies by TODO (Italy, 2007).
2. Funky Forest by Theodore Watson and Emily Gobeille (2007).
3. Laser Tag by Grafitti Research Lab (2007).

And also from a project that I helped to develop and that was created by Ricard Marxer called Atubola, kind of an interactive graphical and musical animation.

So, all these references are represented as follows:

Augmented Sound-image-3

I will put the code as soon as I clean it a bit.

If you want more information or want to see all the concepts, ideas and how was build , you can visit and follow all the process in the thesis”s blog.

Special thanks to Shaun Foster (Chief advisor), Nancy Doubleday (advisor) and Chris Jackson (advisor) for all their good advices and ideas, and thanks a lot to all my classmates.