Setting up screens and tracking laser

These days I”ve been working on the final application that will be used for the final installation, setting up the two screens and fixing some problems of the laser tracking.

Here you can see a video where you can see how the apllication looks like and what it can do at this time.

So, at this point, the application does the following:
+ Convert the original video input into a HSV image.
+ Change the HSV values in order to find the color of the laser and make the tracking thing possible.
+ Use arrows keys from keyboard as a GUI for changing the HSV values.
+ Save the HSV adjustments to a external xml file pushing “s” key.
+ Change the camera configuration so we can set it up to manual and change things like white balance, brightness, saturation, etc…
+ Setting up two full screens, one for being used with the video projection that shows the final output, and other one that is watched on the computer screen and that is used for changing all the configurations.

Next things to do:
Fix offset problems when the video projection is projected on the same space where the laser interacts. We will have to deal with image transformation and cropping in order to adapt the framing of the video projection to the framing of the camera.

This is a picture of the “configuration screen”: