Github. A social code hosting where I will put my codes

These last two days I was looking for a good way of putting codes on the web. I was looking for something like a trac, and that is why Horacio and I installed one into our escoitar server ( However, while I was looking for infomation about trac and openframeworks, I found a project called Github, that is really impresive.

Github is a social code hosting based on Git, that is an open source version control system with a complete history and full revision tracking capabilities. So Github use all these characteristics and transform them into a net community or a social webpage. The result is that Github is a place where people can share their code and also can modify the other”s one. It is a place for developing projects with several communities and it is open to new users. So for instance, if you like one code and you want to push it further, you can basically modify it and your contribution will be recorded on the system (history).

I just created an account for all the projects of this learning_openframeworks blog. You can see the account here:

It took me some time to set the account up, because it is necessary to install Git on the local machine, in order to commit the contributions to the Github community. The installation must be done with the terminal, and I don”t know too much about unix. That is why it was not too easy for me. However it is good for learning unix, and working with git is a good way to get familiar with the shell.

Github is also a good resource for finding code, thanks to the search engine that looks inside all repositories. For instance, if you are looking for processing code, you will get this url: