Video picker

This is a video picker that gets the color from the pixel that is being pointed by the mouse, and also gets a cropped video of 100×100 pixels, which its center is the mouse.

This is an exercise for understanding how pixels works in openframeworks and how can them be modifyed.

Here you can see a video about the video picker:

Learning Openframeworks: video picker from berio on Vimeo.
Good resolution video version here

These are the resources that I used. They all are from the Openframeworks forum:
Alpha video player
Render to a texture
Masking and bluring a transition
VideoGrabber and Textures

The video was done by Chiu Longina for a beat box workshop that he did in Córdoba. The people from the video are some of my mates from the alg-a community. Here you can see the original video:

Video Picker OF 0.06

Video Picker OF 0.07