Setting up Openframeworks

Setting up Openframeworks was easier than I thought. The setting up documentation of the Openframeworks webpage is really helpful. I just followed their directions and everything worked fine.

You can take a look at the setting up section here

Once I opened the first example, I tryed to understand how the Openframeworks library looks like. I”ve never worked with C++, and I don”t know anything about this language, but the OF library code is similar to processing (which is familiar to me) so I tryed to find some kind of tutorial that could help me to figure out what was written and how to create a new project.

I found a very useful tutorial on the Openframeworks wiki that is called OF for Processing users and was written by zach gage (you can find some really interesting openframeworks works on his webpage, like the soundtoy cells).

I did one first exercise trying to make OF work, and this is my bouncing ball going from one side of the stage to the other.

Learning Openframeworks. Test and first contact with OF. from berio on Vimeo.

I had problems with the variables because they must be declared in the .h file, and I didn”t now it (I declared them first inside the .cpp file inside the setup() function, what gave me tons of erros until I realized that they must be declared inside the .h file).

Next step will be checking the examples that come with the OF library.