Software Microasterismos


The software used in Microasterismos was made using Openframeworks for the visual part and Supercollider for the audio one. It uses OSC protocol in order to communicate them.

Code (both Openframeworks and Supercollider) can be downloaded at Github

In order to make Microasterismos work it is necessary to have installed Openframeworks version 8.3 and the foloowing addons:
ofxLibdc (used by the camera)


We use the Point Grey Firefly MV camera
for Computer vision and it does a great job. If you are looking for how to manually change the camera settings, such as exposure, white balance, etc…, take a look at this handful openframeworks forum post

We also use a IR lamp, which is not actually very good, but it does the job.

As IR Filter, we use the LEE 10X10 87 INFRA RED POLYESTER. There is a good article about ir filters at Flong. There is also another good one at the openframeworks forum