AuSo. Space: Stairs

This is how the Augmented Sound works with stairs.

The location is R.I.T., over the stairs that are located outside the digital lab, where I was studding the last two years.
This is the installation that was set up for the thesis show of our master degree.

This version has some differences in relation with the one used for the bathWall and Blind. First, the GUI is located on the bottom, and there were fixed some bugs related to the delete function and how the balls bounce the limits of the spaces. Second, the supercollider version is different and allows more possibilities of manipulation of the sound.

Sound must be improved, specially it is necessary to do a better work with the volume of the different sounds.
A guest I will have to learn more about how buses work in supercollider, because looks that it is the way to go in relation with the sound level balance.

Augmenting Sound. Space: Stairs from berio on Vimeo.