no New Museum of Contemporary Art, en Nova Iorque forma parte dunha exposición sobre googlemaps art que está tendo lugar no New Museum of Contemporary Art de Nova Iorque.

A exposición leva por nome Google Art, or How to Hack Google e está comisariada pola tamén galega Ana Otero, de Rhizome.

Podedes atopar máis información nas seguinte ligazón a Rizhome.

Este é o texto da comisaria:

“In an information-based age, the ability to search and organize information amounts to power. Search engines shape knowledge, modulate web traffic, and contribute to the creation of new semantics and meanings. Currently, Google”s influence is unparalleled. It has expanded the way that we search and find information, and inserted itself into nearly every web-based activity.

The selection of projects in Google Art, or How to Hack Google illuminate and critique the influence of this expanding online institution. The projects include ad hacks that attempt to foil Google”s seemingly unstoppable business machinery, playful re-interpretations of search results and alterations of its geographical worldview. Together, they elevate and critique Google”s logic, while recognizing its own deepening relationship with our culture, behavior and lives.”

Curated by Ana Otero for Rhizome.