The Fork

Mini dv

An actionist enter a bar.
Some spectators are left outside, sitting on the sidewalk.
The actionist goes to the telephone booth of the bar and calls his cell phone. One of the spectators answers and tells him that he is going to make a short circuit in the bar. Let him tell the rest.
The actionist hangs the phone and asks the waiter for a coffee with milk and a croissant. He pays.
The actionist sits at a table next to a window, from where he can see the spectators and where there is a plug on the floor. A friend was sitting there guarding the site. She left just before the actionist entered the bar and is the one who records the movie with his video camera.
The actionist has a prepared fork in his pocket, its middle teeth are bent. Heavy metal \m/
The actionist prop the fork used to eat the croissant, takes the prepared fork out of his pocket and, bending over, stick it into the plug.
All the lights go out, the television, the slot machine …
The actionist gets up and leaves the bar.

Still pictures from O Garfo

Images of the prepared fork