7 Limbos

Feature Film
Full HD. DCP
71 min

Seven masked groups visit seven still lifes. In their clothes have fossils drawn, the identity of a buried memory. They use their bodies to hit the cities, they listen the silence of the ruins collapse and with their movements capture the hidden noise of the air.
A sound trip through the spectral.

Writed and directed by Alexandre Cancelo and Berio Molina.

Data sheet

Direction of digital photography: Fon Cortizo
Analog photography direction: Olalla Lojo
Live sound: Marco Maril and Alexandre Cancelo
Sound design: Marco Maril and Berio Molina
Wardrobe: Silvia Sánchez and María Paz Quiroga
Editing: Berio Molina
Color grading: Pablo Cayuela | Numax

With: Eva Alfonso, Xiana Arias, Belén Bouzas, Alexandre Cancelo, Ignacio Castro, Isaac Cordal, Sonsoles Cordón, Atenea García, Diego M. Buceta, Fran Martínez, Loreto Martínez Troncoso, Berio Molina, Nacho Muñoz (AKA Madamme Cell), Xavier Núñez Bértolo, Alejandra Pombo, Miguel Prado, Alberto R. de Samaniego, Leonor Sangabriel Domínguez, David Santos.

  • Award to best experimental work direction. IV Premios CREA.
  • Official Selection IIEFF. Istambul International Experimental Film Festival.
  • Official Selection Proceso de error. Festival Internacional de Video Experimental.
  • Official Selection Cineautopsia. Festival de Cine Experimental de Bogotá.
  • Official Selection Codec. Festival Internacional de Cine Experimental y Video
  • Official Selection Márgenes. Festival de Cine Independiente de Madrid.
  • WOS Cinema X NUMAX. Festival WOS de Santiago de Compostela.
  • World premiere at (S8) Mostra de cinema periférico

With the grant of AGADIC

A production of Acusmaser films, Xas Films and SINSALaudio

7 Limbos. Mosteiro de Melón
7 Limbos. Isaac Cordal
7 Limbos. Alejandra Pombo
7 Limbos. O mazo
7 Limbos. Bandeiras
7 Limbos. Isaac Cordal
7 Limbos. Árbore