Latex, bamboo, drone reeds, air compresor, cords.

Fubarta was created for the movie 7 Limbos. It was the main character of one of the seven sound actions that take place in the film. The action was performed at the abounded factory of Massó (Cangas) in may of 2017. Massó was a whaling factory. Fubarta takes his name from the whales called Humpback (Yubarta in Spanish), well known by the complexity of their singing:

Humpback whales are known by their long and complex song lasting 10 to 20 minutes, which they repeat for hours at a time. They emit a pattern of low notes that vary in amplitude and frequency, repeating sequences in a coherent and organized shape.
The song, which is unique for each whale, evolves slowly during his whole life and never sings a sequence of notes that already sung.

The drone created by humpback whales inspires the drone created by Fubarta as well as the drone created by the drone reeds of a bagpipe.

Fubarta was premiered at the Diafonías exhibition, as part of the program of the 14 edición do Curtocircuito, Festival de Cine de Santiago de Compostela at Centro ABANCA Obra Social (Santiago de Compostela) along with the work of Christian Marclay, Nader Koochaki, Ulobit, Vázquez/Arrieta e Xabier Erkizia.