Choir was created for the exhibition Dende o panóptico: cada cela unha fiestra at Vello Cárcere de Lugo.
It is related to another piece called Organ, which is located in the contiguos cell  (each art piece of the exhibition is located inside a cell of the prison).

Organ and Choir were created after reading the book O vello cárcere de Lugo (1936-1946), by Cristina Fiaño where talks about and organ and chorus that exist inside the prison:

“There, among the blackest walls of repression, Antonio learns solfeo and piano at the hands of the teacher who directed the choir, which allowed the prisoner of Pobra to touch the prison organ. So that the music of the world remained and life with joy opened its way (Novo 2004: 164)”
O Vello Cárcere de Lugo (1936-1946) Cristiña Fiaño

“although men and women are rigorously separated, all the mechanisms available to maintain some kind of relationship are used: the Sunday Mass or, more commonly, participation in the prison corps will allow to establish contacts that, sometimes, also end up in marriage (Rodríguez Teijeiro 2010: 243-246)”. O Vello Cárcere de Lugo (1936-1946) Cristiña Fiaño