Obra órgano de Berio Molina


Órgano (Pipe organ) Is a work that was created for the exhibition From the panopticon: each cell a window at the Old Prison in the city of Lugo.
It is part of a larger sound installation together with another work named Coro (Choir).

The idea of creating an organ made out of pipes is inspired by the book O vello cárcere de Lugo 1936-1946 (The old prison of Lugo 1936-1946), written by Cristina Fiaño. In the book there are two testimonials from prisoners that where bounded inside the prison that talk about an organ and a chorus that existed there:

“There, between the dark walls of the repression, Antonio learn music and piano from the teacher that run the chorus, who allowed the prisioner from Pobra play the organ of the prison. So the music of the world could stay in there and make prisioners happier (Novo 2004: 164)”
O Vello Cárcere de Lugo (1936-1946) Cristiña Fiaño

"Even though men and women where isolated, people found all kind of tricks to get in touch between them: the sunday mass or being in the chorus allowed them get some contact that in some cases ended up in marriage (Rodríguez Teijeiro 2010: 243-246)". O Vello Cárcere de Lugo (1936-1946) Cristiña Fiaño