120 pages. 7” vinyl. 26 locked grooves.

Setras is a book published by Editorial Fulgencio Pimentel and La Casa Encendida with collaboration of Fundación Mayeusis and the artist Liqen (some illustrations). Received the Special Jury Prize at the First Edition of Puchi Awards.

It is a study about the sound action in calligraphy. A tour through the Galician alphabet (subjective) analyzing the sound that occurs when writing each of the setras. From a taxonomic approach to an aesthetic revelation.


There is a Spanish edition (blue) and a Galician edition (red)

Necesitón da setra v. Teoría de setras

Pages 98-99. Necesiton of v

Funil invertido da setra u

Pages 92-93. An inverted funnel of setra u

paxinas 72 e 73 do libro setras

Pages 72-73. The loop of o

Modulos neme da teoría de setras

Pages 66-67. The neme modules.

Portada de Setras. O libro da caligrafía sonora

Cover of Setras